1. Alice

    I love your post! A girlfriend and I are looking to go in a couple of months for work and I was wondering if you could describe where the area was that you missed? I just want to see it all when I’m there that’s all!

  2. Wen

    Hi there,

    How are the prices like when you purchase 5 yards from the wholesaler?

    I’ll be there next month and am just wondering which way to go – ready cloth from the street shops, or order and pick up!!

    Thanks in advance ;D

  3. Bettina


    Your Blog to the Fabric Market in HongKong is really amazing nd helped so much. I am from Germany and here are the prices for Fabrics quiet high. Thanks to you i could go crazy on the Market in HongKong and bought a lot. Thank you so much for that!!!!!

  4. I was thrilled to find your posts about “Fabric Street” in Hong Kong. I am a dressmaker in Melbourne, Australia. What is this’ fabric street’ actually called please? Are the fabrics just off-cuts and oddment pieces, or can you buy several rolls of the same fabrics? In other words are there wholesale fabric suppliers to fashion houses and fabric shops in that area?
    I look forward to hear back from you when you have the time,

    • siew siew

      Hello Julianne, we did see rolls of fabrics. Some of them are wholesalers with a larger inventory while some of the guys on the street have limited stock…

    • siew siew

      Hi Julianne,

      Also, the Fabric Street/Market is known as Cheung Sha Wan Road in Sham Shui Po.

      You can purchase several rolls of the same fabric, but some suppliers do require some lead time. You may have to arrange an order with them, and then pick up the fabrics a few days later. If your order is really huge, I’m sure they can work out logistics too. Hong Kong-ers are not the friendliest people around, but I think they won’t turn down a good order :)

    • siew siew

      Hi Rafidah, I don’t actually think the fabric samples are for sale (in shops, or online). You can try asking the shop owners when you are there though.

  5. natasya

    My name is natasya. Thank you for all the information about the fabric store.
    Can i ask something?
    Do you know where is the wholesale store for Wedding gown in Hong Kong? :)

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