• siew siew

      Hi Michael, the laksa stall is now at Wcega Plaza (Bukit Batok) and the bak choy mee stall, together with the chee cheong fun stall, are now at Ah Hood Road. I can’t remember the exact address at Ah Hood, but the uncle did tell us that the new place was right across the parking lot from Lee Wah. Hope that helps!

  1. Win

    Hi Siew, I’m the big fan of that laksa stalll, have their laksa more than 10 years. Find the other info on internet that was moved to Foch Road but find out it’s not there when we visited. The boss told u that they moved to Wcega Plaza? (I did ask them before but they mentioned they had no intention to continues to open in other place) . Thank u so much for the information, will try to find it in Wcega Plaza later!

  2. Jason Pae

    Use to go to this place every weekend when I lived at the Arte. Went back recently and it was gone. Thanks much for posting – going to look for the new locations this wkd! Really appreciate the info!!!

    • sarah sarah

      Hope you find them, Jason!

      And to anyone who has any updates on the whereabouts of the stalls, do post them here! :)

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