1. ahem. hi! i would like to participate in this very kind and lovely giveaway. I would also like to assure you that no one will ignore your IKEA box full of adorable creations (unless it has horse meat for now, zz).

    • siew siew

      I think even if our IKEA boxes don’t contain horse meat (and they don’t la), you should refrain from consuming them. Thank you for joining!

  2. Rei

    A wild lurking fan of your blog appears!

    Your worries are unfounded, I think your stall looks lovely. ♥ There isn’t a single item there I wouldn’t want. /grabby hands

  3. Feiying


    I was there for the flea and I give you guys a BIG THUMBS up for the display! ;) Continue to spoil us readers with more cute and cuddly goodies!

  4. Hi Hi,
    Yours was one of the interesting stall that I love, amazing collection of items, handmade stuffs and even your display *rememember me ? I even ask if is for sale lol :D

    Thanks for the giveaways and keep up the good work :)

  5. lyn

    don’t think you had to worry about traffic, your stall was so crowded! :D and love your blog, though it’s currently making me so wistful for tokyo… >_<

    • sarah

      heh, thanks for coming by! we like how there’s always something to see, something new in tokyo. i hope your next trip to tokyo is not too far away! :)

  6. The hours spent on your rehearsal stall really paid off because your stall looked great! I really wanted to stop by and say hi but I was overcome with a sudden bout of shyness, haha. Next time! Thanks for having this lovely giveaway.

  7. Sharifah Masturah

    Hellooooooo!! i would like to participate in this lovey dovey giveaway. ^-^v I was there for the flea but i didnt saw your both. was so upset!)): But i love your stuffff!!!! <3

  8. Diana

    Hello Kumo! Have been following your posts for a while now. Didn’t manage to go down and say hi so just wanted to let you guys know that I love your drawings so much that I’m inspired to sketch as well. Hope I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway!

  9. Li Linf

    Pick me please! Didn’t manage to go for the flea as i was overseas. Hope I will be able to go for the next one.

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