HEY KUMO at Public Garden: April 2013

We consider it our good fortune that we were able to showcase our travel finds at our booth at Public Garden over the last weekend.

We had just returned from our trip to our favourite country, and even before it, had been nursing ideas about how to set up our stall. We wanted something different from our previous set-ups, and wondered how the reception would be to a more display / exhibition sort of feel.

Here’s a picture of our stall!

HEY KUMO Public Garden April 2013-3

Our store! Or at least this is what it looked like on the second day.

We have at the front our Travel & Found section, while the more usual from our line-up took up the back half of the table. The little cones underneath the letters are little mountains, inspired by the everlasting Mount Fuji. The tablecloth setting is a photo of the Seto Inland Sea, taken while we were in Naoshima, Japan.

HEY KUMO at Public Garden: April 2013

A closer look this time.

HEY KUMO Public Garden April 2013-3

Proudly: our Travel & Found section!

We know that some of you who came by were worried about messing up the display, or felt shy about picking up the items. But we were working to create a space for people to touch and feel the items, and if we managed to have some of you think for a moment about the spaces we live in and the kind of objects we surround ourselves with, we would be happy. In every case, a sale from our Travel & Found section invoked a twinge of regret in us. (“Aiyah, I secretly wanted to keep that for myself!”  was commonly exchanged between us behind the stall.)

Thank you all who came by, especially to (a) familiar faces who come by to say hello and show support; (b) a friend on Twitter who finally revealed her face; (c) our best customer and favourite store elf; and of course thanks to the Public Garden team for having us.

As always, we hope to have added a little to your life through our allegedly mood-lifting wares. We are trying to come up with fresh bits for our next public appearance, so until then, see you here on and on our web store.

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    • sarah

      Nice to see you again! We didn’t realise you were cookiecutter when we last met :D Hope that business at Public Garden was good for you! See you around!

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