Wealthy Folks, Fall In.


I read an article recently about wealth and money. It is not quite in the vein of those articles that remind you to count your blessings/ re-imagine what you have. That article was from some years back and it’s horribly long, but what I got out of it follows. Of course, some of it is interpretation (or embellishment).

You can be an employee and earn your keep. That’s one choice. But, surely, if you were working on your own account and every cent you make is yours, you would put in more effort. Choosing employment is akin to choosing to work at a reduced pace, impliedly (but not necessarily) for a longer period.

Imagine another path. You are creating your own product/ service. You probably have to work very hard, but hopefully for a shorter period. Taking a step, they say. Something new, giving it a try, congratulations.

But whether or not the potential to earn more faster exists for us in Singapore, the thing that struck me was this. Money is a way of moving wealth. But what is wealth really? It is food, clothes, your house, your first trip overseas, a month off work. Money is the convenient way to have a universal counter but calmly looked at, is nothing more than printed paper.

If you create something – be it software, or say, a table, a drawing – you have created wealth. What you have created is a discernible object that can now be measured by money. Instead of worrying about being able to grab what is available out there, the act of creation allows you to make wealth. Of course, as to whether you actually translate your creation into money is a slightly different issue. But at the end of the day, you would at least have something that you are happy to put out there and hopefully, enjoyed the process of making of.

So, I guess I am asking you to count your blessings. But what I wanted to say was that sometimes, we forget what wealth really is.

A Week In Rapid Mode

The shop is closed on Mondays, so it now feels as though my week only begins properly on Tuesdays. I really, really like my Mondays now, and while gloating is not good, I am pretty happy when Sundays roll around.

I like being at the shop, but I do need a little break once in a while to pig out, visit the family people and run errands. We found ourselves at The Grandstand on Monday and visited Pasar Bella, which unfortunately, looked a little sad and empty (but I guess it’s Monday, after all).

A Week in Rapid Mode

We were quite keen to check out the fresh seafood area, but there wasn’t much fare available. I guess if you want to avoid the crowds, go on weekdays. But if you want to see the full-fledged Pasar Bella, you will have to muster up a bit of people-courage and head down there on weekends.

A Week in Rapid Mode

Lunch was at Omakase Burger, which was fantastic. We had the Omakase Cheeseburger (pictured) and the Ultimate Cheeseburger with a serving of the sweet potato fries.

A Week in Rapid Mode

Cloud Cushions have now joined our Weather Dance Club. These have been in the works for a while, but last week, we finally finished them (and in time for the official opening!). We’re wondering which weather element to do next; we figured that it would be a little hard to do a breeze plush.

A Week in Rapid Mode

It’s been two weeks since that dreadful hazy week, and we’re super relieved that the haze situation has improved. While I’m not really for blue sunny skies in Singapore because they usually mean hot, humid weather, I was very pleased to be able to look up and see this lovely piece of blue.

A Week in Rapid Mode

Hello estate cat. One day, I hope you realise that we mean no harm and won’t steal your food.

Properly Small And Able: Thank You!

Despite the continued absence of a signboard, and more and more things we wanted to display in/ do for/ fret about for the shop, we had much fun during the official opening of Small And Able over the 29/30 June weekend. We have a jelly bean dispenser!

Small And Able opens! -  New cloud cushions

Small And Able opens! - Jelly bean dispenser

Small And Able opens! -  Shop

We rolled a pineapple through the doorway for our opening, and made a video out of it. Then, deciding that the dear ong lai shouldn’t have to languish aimlessly at our shop, Siew made it into the ONG LAI ORACLE. Touch it, and pick a fortune from the bowl next to the pineapple. (Your mileage may vary.)

Small And Able opens! -  The Ong Lai Oracle Speaks!

When there weren’t people in the shop, we swopped furniture/ products/ plants and started on drawings. I tend to get very absorbed when I am doing something, but Siew, being the responsible owner, remembers to say hi to people. We are thankful that our drawing practice pieces (hee hee) are appreciated by our visitors, and happy that some of you actually spent time at the reading corner.

Small And Able opens! -  Reading corner

Small And Able opens! -  Limited edition tote bags

Small And Able opens! -  Customised tags

Friends, half-strangers, readers, Instagram people, and anyone else who walked in, thank you very much for coming by this weekend! This space, a retail shop + studio, is a work-in-progress. We are rather laid back about sending email updates, so do check out SAA’s Instagram account, or drop by!