Painterly Aspirations


It takes a certain courage, to say “let’s print this.” My watercolours are an amateur’s work, and it seems the other one has a gauge of them that is likely incommensurate to their value.

But once the persuasion worked and the decision was made, things moved quickly. Quotes were obtained from printers, high resolution scans were made, and the images edited and plumped into a layout for a printer.

Of course, there was driving to collect them (I was excited!) and buying plastic sleeves to house them, and then the darned task of pricing them.

But we had them ready for their intended debut at the July installation of Public Garden, which happened to be back at the lovely National Museum of Singapore again. We placed the watercolour prints for sale at our stall, and having adopted a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy at our stall (we worry that people didn’t like to be sold to), we didn’t specially explain them. But, people touched them, held them up and bought them. I was very humbled!

Okay. They are 10 cm by 15 cm open edition giclee prints of original ink and watercolour pieces, scanned and printed on archival fine art watercolour paper. They are signed on the front.

The prints are on sale at our shop at Peninsula Shopping Centre (not Peninsula Plaza, not Excelsior Shopping Centre, hee).

PS. This series of 3 works are titled “Places I Want To See With You”. I have travelled to some places without my favourite person, and I hope we can go there one day. [Naoshima is not here, because it is hard to capture, and in any case I had no doubt we would go there rather soon. This, we did.]

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