Eating In Taipei: Pinknic

It was the second day of our trip to Taipei, and we had seen and scoffed at this cafe called Pinknic. But as life would have it, while at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to visit the spanking new Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store, Pinknic happened to have a table available.

And so we were proven to be stupid snobs. The food was great. Maybe it’s the care that went into the preparation; maybe the Taiwanese get way fresher ingredients than what Singaporean cafes can get their hands on. It was a simple baked eggs dish but it was so well made it blew our minds a little. And Siew has a weakness for Parma ham so that one piece went fairly quickly. I had a French toast and usually I would rave about the bread but this time, I’d have to actually praise the fruits. We were so happy with our food that the drink went slightly under-appreciated.

The menu is quite extensive and I think between the savoury and the sweet, one should be able to find something to try.

Pinknic - Baked Eggs

Pinknic - French Toast

Pinknic - at Eslite Spectrum

Highly recommended, if you don’t mind the pinkness of the branding.

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