Travelling And Seeing

Travelling And Seeing

It is sometimes very disconcerting to find myself writing about a moment as I am living through it. What’s the hurry, I ask myself.

In my own defence, I am taking notes because I increasingly have less faith in my memory. And while berating myself, I wonder why it is alright to take a picture of a moment but taking a more involved note seems too far down the line.

A photo takes seconds and is a minor distraction from the moment that is deemed to be worth capturing. So we forgive ourselves from intruding on our own experience. And therein lies the reminder. Is it worth capturing? Are you stopping yourself from living the moment?

We sometimes berate ourselves too much for unnecessarily recording a moment. On the same token, if you think it’s worth the interruption, don’t feel bad about taking a picture or making a note.

What is important is that you know the difference, and you aren’t being overly serious.

We are travelling, and we will be certain to remind ourselves to live the moment and take photos here and there.

See you around.

Not A Proper Revolution Yet


In caffeine in trust.

We always like off-beat locations, because we like to have the illusion that our country is less crowded than it really is.

This Sunday past, we drove to Portsdown Avenue in search of Revolution Coffee. We have seen pretty pictures of it and we are always game to go hunt down a fresh brew.



Revolution Coffee is nicely done up, and it has a particularly well-appointed feature wall where seating is available under some artfully arranged shelves. The coffee is strong and competent, and probably houses two shots in each serving. We took a seat outdoors because we like the breeze and greenery (and because we didn’t want to smell like fried food after our breakfast). The red/blue/white plastic string armchairs look very suitable for lounging.

The place wasn’t very crowded but the food/ drink took a tad long to come. The main thing is, the food is serviceable only; nothing to write home about. We were a little disappointed that the banana bread was haphazardly cut and soggy in parts. So, while it is a nicely done up place with nice surroundings, and the staff provided great service, we probably won’t have much impetus to return, since good coffee is currently quite accessible all over Singapore.

Location: 21 Media Circle; head for the tall grey building housing Infinite Studios; access is via Media Walk. Parking available in the building or as some cars show, by the roadside. You can check the opening hours on their Facebook page.

Can’t Wait To See You: Taipei

Sometimes, you go to a place so often that it becomes difficult to remember your first impression of the place. For a place like Taipei, it is also because it is “just another city”, and I am prone to taking day trips around it, or simply scooting off to other regions of the country.

It was 2009, the year I began travelling solo. I whirled through the country, forsaking depth for breadth. I just felt like running past; and much as I knew I hadn’t and couldn’t see much this way, I fell deeply in love with the country and its people. Coming from a nation where progress and GDP reined, the people I met seem to be kinder, happier, and to know Life better. Maybe it’s because there’s an option available: if you were tired of city life, you could move to a quieter town.

Ah, I digress. I am writing this post because this time around, we will be spending more time in Taipei itself and I was trying to remember what I did on the days I did stay in Taipei.

I think my favourite times were those I spent wandering the old streets of Dihua (迪化街) and poking around the market at Sansui (三水街). I also loved my caffeine breaks, though in those days, the third wave cafes hadn’t hit the world as completely yet. So, I visited old coffee shops.


There was Fong Da (峰大), which clings on to its 1950s heritage rather insistently. The coffee is good but those used to swankier digs will have much to overlook. I also remember having a beef noodles as a snack (why, yes) before having a coffee at Cafe Astoria. (Cafe Astoria is visited for its history and not its food. The coffee was good stuff.)

Other than old coffee shops, there was also Rose House (English tea and cake kind of place), Booday (I love their 一碗飯 set meals), Wooden Drawer (closed in 2012), Norwegian Wood and Kafka On The Shore. I can’t be sure if I remember them all, and whether I visited them in 2009 or later. There were some others I wanted to try, and possibly many that I hadn’t even heard about, and I guess now my choices are even more unlimited.

I do love visiting cafes with Siew and I guess this time around, we will be spending our time in Taipei in several of them. Can’t wait.