Take A Walk During Lunch

I did one day, to get some sun on my skin. There were people sleeping on grass, school children queuing for ice-cream, office workers sharing an outdoor lunch, and a view of Boat Quay’s colourful shophouses against the skyscrapers…


I also saw a flowering tree, and I felt like having everyone see it. How often do you see purple flowers on a tree? I don’t. And then I’m thinking we should go back to the Botanic Gardens…


Magpie Magazines, Yay


Apartmento is, for us, tough to locate. So imagine the pleasure (and alacrity) when I spotted it while at Magpie Magazines’ stall at Public Garden in mid-January. I don’t know if many people in Singapore read Apartmento but it is very hard to find, okay. I saw it once in Kinokuniya and since then, from time to time, have been seen looking forlorn at the home/ interiors section.

It is not quite your usual home décor magazine; it is about spaces, living in them, working in them… And what hooks us is the writing. And since the writing is so good, Apartmento’s About page does very well in describing what it is about in not a lot of words. If you are interested in quality of life, making a messy apartment look good, or just curious about other people’s homes, Apartmento is a worthy read.

We also bought Gourmand that day.


PS. I always thought that Magpie Magazines was a distributor but now I know better. Magpie is an independent retailer and you can buy single issues or subscribe online.