A Breezy And Rainy Sunday


We love, love, love the year-end weather. Don’t you too?

It was the first Sunday in a long time that we had so much time we didn’t quite know what to do with it. We had done a few things by then but freedom felt so sweet that we just didn’t want to waste it. So I was driving, and then made my way onto the new Marina Coastal Expressway (first ride!), and then decided to head towards Portsdown. It felt nice to have no destination in mind, to just “go somewhere”.

We took a walk, in the rain, and then decided to have a late lunch/ early dinner. Siew isn’t a ang moh jiak kind of person, and so we just headed over to Colbar. I always liked that pathway lined with trees leading to the cafe. It is like walking into the past or something special.

When we were there, the rain started and stopped, and a breeze came by too from time to time. It felt like a perfect afternoon, and Siew fell in love with the fried bee hoon in sauce. I had their special fried rice and chuckled as I ordered “a Nescafe”. Siew wasn’t feeling that well that day, but we know to count our blessings.

It was a good day.

Some Notes On Bookmarking And Pinboard

I was sick of migrating my bookmarks every once in a while, and I did not bother to find out why Delicious suddenly died on me. I have heard good things about an alternative and some months ago put some money down for Pinboard. The one-time sign-up fee is around $10 (and it goes up by a bit with each new user). If you are like me, you only need to pay the one-time fee. If you want the archive service (which gives you a permanent, cached copy of every bookmark you save, and you can search the full text of your saved links), it is available for $25 a year.

You can find enough reviews out there for the the service itself. For me, it automatically grabs links that I post or favourite on Twitter, and it is linked with my Reeder app.

The curious thing is the number of mobile apps available to use it with. Some of the options are pretty expensive; and one of the considerations I have is that it must suit the iOS 7 look. Having many apps updated, it feels icky to have to use something that makes the whole phone feel dated and slow. Having just signed up for Pinboard, I couldn’t quite wait for the big boys to complete updating their apps. Impatient, I know.

I tried one free app, wasn’t impressed, and then Pincase caught my eye. It looks great, and its functionality is suited for discovering links, in particular the ability to compile a feed from various tags (e.g., stationery, interesting, economy). However, after the initial euphoria, I found the app slow in terms of loading links, and it consistently crashed on my iPad when the screen orientation changed.

So I also downloaded Pinswift. It has a clean UI and is fast and a breeze to use. I use it when I want to quickly add links or search for something.

Ok, that’s what I wanted to say. Hope this post is of use to somebody out there!

A Short Review: Sketch Your World

Sketch Your World

James Hobbs has a new book out for lovers of location sketching.

I gleefully picked it up when I spotted it in Kinokuniya [even though Kinokuniya’s Bookweb stated that it was not available yet]. It goes for quite a bit more at Kinokuniya (I paid around ~S$30) but if you can wait and are price-sensitive, Book Depository has it too.

It is a light read, and covers various topics. It would be a good reference book, for beginners and for those who have already started a way into the urbansketching path. There are some really useful bits here and there, and what I really savour are the artist features littered through the book.

Sketch Your World

Sketch Your World

I think it’s a worthy addition to the bookshelf! Hope it is a source of inspiration to all sketchers out there.