Baring It / Bearing It

We didn’t quite see it coming. In a way, life is about changes and challenges but when you are 30 and blissfully bumbling along, some changes may seem a tad surprising, a little overwhelming. We certainly are accumulating life experience!

Some changes are slightly on the plus side. We are moving out of the current rental and into a home we finally bought. As you may or may not know, there are now rumblings of a harder than soft landing in the property market. We shall see. Then there were some health issues that afflicted one of us, and the fact that the Small And Able shop may be closing earlier than expected. We have said before we don’t know about the longevity of the idea. But we weren’t expecting that problems with the building in which the shop sits to prematurely hasten a conclusion.

It was really getting all of us down, amid the other things we have to worry about. And so we are making arrangements to move our stock out of the shop. There is the issue of rent paid for nothing and rent that will have to be paid. We look around the shop and see the costs we have sunk in and that isn’t the thing that really gets to us. It’s the reality that our little adventure is over. People tell us to carry on, chin up or make other encouraging noises. For that, we are grateful. We are humbled that anyone other than our friends and family care. We thought you all knew from the start that we were gonna be more pop-up than a real pop-up. Ha.

2014 has only just started and it seems so interesting already! We have been busy alternating between dousing flames and being sullen about it all. And we will probably be that for a short while more. See you around, guys.