A Happy Meal: La Barca

La Barca
Siew loves red meat, but we typically end up eating Japanese when going for a good meal, so it took some time before I ended up at La Barca again.

Tucked away in Goodman Arts Centre (itself set amid a residential area), the restaurant has a quiet and lovely vibe about it. The place is elegant and I really liked the table setting and the lighting. If you are in for ambience, these are important.

La Barca
I reserved a 1.1 kg Fiorentina steak, which is said to be premium grain-fed wagyu beef from Australia with a 3-4 marbling score, if you care for such details. It was a very gorgeous plate of beef, served medium-rare.

We are weak so we asked for a hot plate to cook the meat a bit more. And because there were only two of us, plus we finished the bread basket, there wasn’t much more we could order. Bring two or three friends, and I think you can eat up a superbly wonderful storm.

La Barca
We were very pleased when we finished almost all of the meat.

I think we have found a place near our home that we can go to when we feel like indulging in some good beef.