Tomica: Little Tomy Cars

Tomica Mini Cars

It is mostly a boy’s toy, but Siew bought me one because I am always on the lookout for a Mini replica (not necessarily to buy it). Then she started looking more carefully at what was on the rack, and it caught my interest too. I think at some point, Tomy cars were mostly serious replicas of Japanese cars, but we saw some really cute stuff. There are hamburger trucks, Rilakkuma cars, Mario karts, buses, cranes…

Tomica Mini Cars

There’s something mildly meditative about rolling a car front and back, imagining a story for it, or simply adoring it for being such a cute little car.

After the Mini, we also bought: a Suzuki Lapin (we had fallen in love with this blue/white version we kept seeing around, eventually to learn it was a friend’s car); a red post office mail truck; a ramen stall truck; and a hamburger truck.

And because I am such a nerd, I bought a carrying box (in the form of a construction site, though I’d prefer the other one in the shape of a car park) to house all my little cars. Since it only has lots for four cars, I think it marks a suitable end to a potential runaway buying spree.

Tomica Mini Cars

Tomica Mini Cars

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  1. meds

    I remembered my dad bought us an entire truck container for our hot wheels cars. I think they’re still around, albeit sticky as haha. your container is too cute!

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