A Travel Journal Experiment: Melbourne


I don’t commonly do up a travel journal. I mean, I intend to, I try but it is hard to see it through. This time in Melbourne, though, I managed to somewhat complete it!


The notebook I chose for its optimistic mint colour. The paper was supposed to be thick and smooth and I was keen to try it to see if watercolour would seep through. In any event, I couldn’t find my travel set and hence brought markers. And then I realised the real problem! The paper was so thick it didn’t quite absorb ink properly. Much was smudged. So I tried to cut down on the colouring.



It was fun, drawing and writing and knowing when to stop drawing and writing before the tedium got me down.

As you can see, I cheated a little by writing the topic on some pages and leaving it blank for the time being. I may draw something or put down something in point form. Hehe.

My favourite page is this one of Brighton Beach. A pretty sky, feet kicking sand, colourful boxes and seashells in our pockets. It felt great.


At Home: Hanging Out


It was like going to hang out with friends and you take turns to share your favourite CDs and talked. Except we used the TV instead. So, I watched (as best as one does when there are people around) Heathers, Merlin, Adventure Time, and Archer.

I also ate and drank too much. Which is a good thing. There was chicken pie, a root beer + chocolate + pistachio cake (!), a loaf of bread and Japanese snacks. Halfway through, we went to grab some horfun (rice noodle) and vegetables from our neighbourhood zichar (loosely, cooked food) place. We kept saying we were too full but ate some more, drank some more…

Good TV, happy food and friends. Quite a way to spend some hours.