At Home: Hanging Out


It was like going to hang out with friends and you take turns to share your favourite CDs and talked. Except we used the TV instead. So, I watched (as best as one does when there are people around) Heathers, Merlin, Adventure Time, and Archer.

I also ate and drank too much. Which is a good thing. There was chicken pie, a root beer + chocolate + pistachio cake (!), a loaf of bread and Japanese snacks. Halfway through, we went to grab some horfun (rice noodle) and vegetables from our neighbourhood zichar (loosely, cooked food) place. We kept saying we were too full but ate some more, drank some more…

Good TV, happy food and friends. Quite a way to spend some hours.

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  1. it was the best type of hang out ever. i want to miniaturise your home and keep it as a dollhouse (or doll..level). and the morning light. thanks for having us!

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