Review: Filson Original Briefcase


I have had the use of Filson’s Original Briefcase for about six months now, and I think it is time for a review!

I was on the lookout for something that would fit a lot but not too much. And because I was looking for something that was bigger than what I already had, I was thinking the bag cannot be leather because that would mean the bag itself would account for a lot of weight, even without any contents.

What was a working adult with some cash to spare to do?

It had to be professional-looking enough, and yet not overly stuffy. It had to be sturdy but not heavy.

My search led to Filson. For a time, I toyed with the idea of getting the Computer Briefcase. It was larger and would be more value for money. However, having ascertained that the Original was probably large enough to fit a standard paper folder (slightly larger than A4, that is), I decided against getting the Computer Briefcase because the extra space would lead me to over-burden my bag. I wanted something that I could comfortably carry.

Having made that choice, my next decision related to the colour. It was simple but not that simple! The beige one was out because once dirtied, it would look like crap. Between the navy one and the olive one, I took a longer look (I think it took me days), but I decided on the olive because it was more in accordance with the professional look. The navy seemed too dapper.


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That Thing About A Film Camera


I start a roll, don’t finish it at one go, and then start and stop over months. I sometimes have to look very hard for a film camera; as much as I know it is secreted in some pocket or another, it is sometimes in a drawer, or well, just lying there in plain sight.

Sometimes, shots from months before have to wait for a holiday to be taken before they can see the light of day.

I recently developed several rolls, and I hence had to get a copy of Name Mangler (a file renaming app). I used to have a free copy, but I’m now all for paying for software and who knows if that old copy still works, and anyway, having more than several files to rename makes one soft. Who would have known that this app and film photography went together…


So I have a roll which started in November 2013, glanced upon December 2013, and then went straight to February 2014. And everything is not there anymore except maybe in these shots, and I don’t remember 1 December being sunny but here is proof. And looking at these pictures, which are of the Singapore Art Book Fair, I thought a thought I didn’t know I had: I hope they organise this again.