A Camera’s Misadventure: The Olympus XA’s Unintended Flight To Melbourne

Somewhere in between taking shots on the Fuji Natura Classica, I had the use of an Olympus XA. We have two copies of the XA. One has an over-eager shutter release, and so is relegated to the back of a cupboard. The other has been to many places but interestingly, I did not know it was with me on the last flight out.

The clouds were very pretty in April's Melbourne

The clouds were very pretty in April’s Melbourne

We were moving, and I used one of our luggage bags to transport our film cameras. Stupidly, when I unloaded this bag, I missed out this little black soldier. It sat, solidly and resolutely, within a pocket in the luggage bag. Now this luggage bag is one we can hand-carry. But well, on this trip out, we checked it in! So imagine my heart ache when I found it while unpacking our clothes in Melbourne.

Hotel Lindrum, the scene of discovery

Hotel Lindrum, the scene of discovery

So I took it out, patted it a little, and made appropriate cooing noises. At a pile of metal. Okay. I was clearly not right in the head. So what next? I told it that I believed in it still and brought it out around Melbourne. I felt so bad actually! Of all things to neglect, a film camera!


Thankfully, as you can see from the photos in this post, the camera survived. Phew.

We were at Dead Man Espresso

We were at Dead Man Espresso

Vintage ware!

Vintage ware!

I just like this building

I just like this building

This camera was introduced to the world slightly before I was born and it really is one of my favourite cameras to use. I am so glad I hadn’t destroyed it.

Family Bike Time At East Coast Park


We were supposed to go play badminton, but I somehow made a turn into East Coast Park, somehow ended up walking around, and we chanced upon people riding on this side-by-side tandem bicycle/ contraption. It looked somewhat rickety but had such a cute awning on top. Despite Siew’s reservations, I insisted that we go rent it.


It wasn’t cheap (S$30 per hour) and cleverly, we chose the smallest thing available. This proved to be very important because even on the slightest upslope, we had to work very hard because there was just a more-than-usual amount of metal on this thing!

Here’s what it looks like. Hehe.


We had fun! It was slow, but funny, and we were mostly sheltered from the sun. Tip: don’t take the tandem bike for four. It is just too much weight and even with young boys pedalling together, it was way slow. We passed by cute couples with cute dogs, girls who went “Faster, faster” (when we overtook them), and laughed while we passed the world by slowly. We played music from our phone, sang loudly, and shouted “Eat my shorts!”. We also successfully made a three-point turn. Haha.



The Anatomy of A Siew Entry


I need to write this quickly before I run out of steam. First, let’s start with some random backstory. Then, I write another one during which I decide that it’s more interesting to write about the exact thoughts that are running through my head right now than something I planned for one paragraph back (the first backstory, if you’ve lost track). After that, maybe we will come to the link between the backstories and maybe I will decide that oh, I was actually foreshadowing even though the more accurate term for it is bad writing. After I suffer through the telling and after I make you suffer through the reading of two not-really-relevant paragraphs, I arrive at the point where I know that I must try to get to the point of the entry (for e.g., a café or book review entry typically warrants a review). I get distracted and bored, because by now, I would have been typing and un-typing for the last 30 minutes with nothing to really show for it. I run out of things to say about something, or these previously perfectly eloquent thoughts (real or imagined) suddenly escape my mind. I get hungry and my cup of water runs down so I have to refill it. A trip to the kitchen yields other snacks and so now, while I am back at the computer, I can’t type because I’m snacking. More entry-title-appropriate thoughts escape (maybe they were never there in the first place) and we hit the hour mark. Then I have to end the entry.