The Anatomy of A Siew Entry


I need to write this quickly before I run out of steam. First, let’s start with some random backstory. Then, I write another one during which I decide that it’s more interesting to write about the exact thoughts that are running through my head right now than something I planned for one paragraph back (the first backstory, if you’ve lost track). After that, maybe we will come to the link between the backstories and maybe I will decide that oh, I was actually foreshadowing even though the more accurate term for it is bad writing. After I suffer through the telling and after I make you suffer through the reading of two not-really-relevant paragraphs, I arrive at the point where I know that I must try to get to the point of the entry (for e.g., a café or book review entry typically warrants a review). I get distracted and bored, because by now, I would have been typing and un-typing for the last 30 minutes with nothing to really show for it. I run out of things to say about something, or these previously perfectly eloquent thoughts (real or imagined) suddenly escape my mind. I get hungry and my cup of water runs down so I have to refill it. A trip to the kitchen yields other snacks and so now, while I am back at the computer, I can’t type because I’m snacking. More entry-title-appropriate thoughts escape (maybe they were never there in the first place) and we hit the hour mark. Then I have to end the entry.

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