Is It Summer Still?

It is always summer in Singapore, and sometimes we pretend the weather is cooler than what it is. Other than watching the weather, the other implement one would find useful is ice-cream. Last weekend, we were walking about in the Bras Basah area for what has become one of the best activities Singapore has – the Singapore Night Festival.

It was a cool evening, actually, so to without any plan come across an ice-cream shop which garners a “I’ve heard it’s good!” was such a bonus. So we bought two popsicles from momolato. That was after we took some time to decide just which ones to buy. The popsicles are very attractive-looking and the flavours too enticing.


That’s us with a kimelon (watermelon sorbet with a Kiwi slice) and a lemon milk with peach slice. They are S$3.5 each. Now, when can I engineer another ‘chance’ visit?

Momolato is at 90 Stamford Road, #01-73, within the Singapore Management University compound.

An Evening Activity: Prawning


I was half bored, half tired, and when what I probably wanted to do was to go to sleep, I said, “I am bored” and then Siew said, “Let’s go prawning!”

So we got ourselves to East Coast Park. I didn’t know East Coast Park would be so lively even at 9 pm. (So free parking was all taken. Ha.) At the prawning place (very well signed, this East Coast Prawning), we paid $18 an hour for one rod. We paid it to a middle-aged lady who peered at us critically from behind her glasses. We had to get help from the staff, a sweet chap with a close crop and black specs. He helped set our line.

We settled ourselves at a reasonably occupied pond. By occupied, I mean the people sitting around, not the pond, which over the course of an hour was evidently not filled with prawns. There were smoking ah bengs, tanned uncles, families, little boys, and a teenage boy who swung his rod at us without a care.

I have a superbly lackadaisical attitude towards fishing in general, the thanks-I-will-watch attitude, in particular. I held the rod sometimes, I asked if the bait was still there. I tried peering into the deep black of the pool, and I attempted to google how to better our chances of getting some prawns.

There wasn’t any ready answer and I preferred to wait. I mean, isn’t that what fishing is about? Haha. In the end, despite Siew’s efforts, we only caught one prawn in an hour. And then we were kinda sleepy, despite the excitement from the fishing in the next pond, where a man chased fishes up and down (you can’t pull them up before they are biting properly) and finally flung one out of the pond, right under my chair.


Now this photo above is not sharp and has little merit but it shows the entirety of our efforts. And that was us before the sweet chap mentioned above came by (having earlier asked us how many we caught) and handed us a plate of prawns. We were laughing and telling each other, “Eh, sympathy prawns!” That was while we were at the BBQ pit. But as it was with most things at this site, the fire was burning a bit low and then Siew said we should just head off. She had this grand plan on how to season and bake them.

So that’s the end of our prawning adventure. We swiped the prawns into a bag, ran, hopped into the car, and swiftly got ourselves back. The whole evening was full of comedic moments, including the time when we discovered how little meat there was in these big-headed prawns.

Happy Ice-Cream Time: Sunday Folks

First to arrive!

First to arrive!

Look at what's gone already. Heehee.

Look at what’s gone already. Heehee.

Who needs another ice-cream shop? But Sunday Folks makes a very good case for its entry and perhaps longevity in the Singapore food scene.

Soft serve is lovely. You are also allowed a dizzying array of toppings, which aren’t your usual sprinkles and cereal. You can have chocolate honeycomb, chocolate sponge, matcha cubes, corn flakes, and some other things that I may not choose so I don’t remember. Haha. The cone is a not-so-hard chocolate biscuit, and because I couldn’t decide what I should have and Siew said that they would give some toppings anyway, I didn’t order any extra.

Our two cones (S$7.2 each) went by very fast. We had the sea salt gula melaka ice-cream, and they added shiratama, black sesame cracker and corn flakes. The second scoop was a vanilla with corn flakes, chocolate sponge and what Siew thought was a dried pineapple.

Hmm, we should go back for the waffles.

Tip: based on the two times we were there (both on a Saturday), the place clears quite well at around 5 pm, meaning there might be one or two places free.

Location: 44 Jalan Merah Sega, Chip Bee Gardens #01-52. Timings may vary so please check their Facebook page. Parking can be found along one of the jalans perpendicular to Jalan Merah Sega; the nearest MRT is Holland Village.