A Speaker For Your Home

Some things are beyond me, like what speaker to buy. But a few months ago, Siew happened to be playing music off the iPhone quite often and the thin sound just drove me nuts.

After some reading on the Internet, I learnt/ decided that: (i) the Bose Soundlink isn’t that great despite the brand (ii) the Sony BTX500 is supposed to be good but it’s not a new product and may be hard to find (iii) I don’t want a sound bar or need speakers to be connected throughout the house (iv) the Sonos 1 looks super uninspiring, design wise.

I wanted Bluetooth because I want a certain ease of connection. I want it to be portable in the sense that it can be moved around to different parts of the house. I don’t need it to be battery-powered. It should also fit with the look of the house.

Then we learnt of the Marshall Stanmore speaker. It was a struggle. We aren’t that particular about sound so it felt like a 70% interest in good sound doesn’t match the price tag of the Marshall. And most of the reviews spoke about how gorgeous it looked. I wondered if the sound was really that good.

The first time we saw the Marshall speaker in a shop in Singapore, I was surprised. I assumed it would not be available. Hmm. Anyway, we were still hoping to find the Sony BTX500 so we just cast a sideway glance at the Marshall and ran off. But when our choices, since we are in Singapore and that means a super limited range of most consumer products, seemed to be confined to Bose or Sonos, it got really irritating. And I am looking for a home bluetooth speaker, so I was also not about to go to Adelphi to poke around and be given looks by old men who would call me “girl” and try to sell me what “other girls” buy.

The next time we saw the Marshall, it was a brown unit sitting out on a counter and no one was near it. We cozied up, turned on the Bluetooth on the iPhone, changed the source on the Marshall to Bluetooth, pressed ‘PAIR’ and waited not a long wait.

So we played our music, laughed at how easy it was and then walked away to see whether it was loud enough. That I think was all it took for us to be convinced. It sounded good, and it looks too good to pass up.

Having spent a few months with the Marshall speaker, we love it. It sounds good (it has good bass!), I love the ease of control and pairing with devices, and yes, it is a gorgeous piece of work.

PS. The Marshall Stanmore subsequently became Wirecutter’s choice for the best home Bluetooth speaker.