A Cabin Bag And Three Pillows

This post had been in the works for some time. I wanted to write about it while we were travelling but then there was travelling, and returning, and wondering if I sound mad talking about a bag and some neck pillows.

We all know I love my Tom Bihn Western Flyer but this time it was a really great asset because (a) I had three neck pillows to stow and (b) we had to run through terminals in Heathrow.

The three neck pillows are from Muji and they take up nicely and fully the back compartment of the TB WF (which would otherwise contain all your clothes if you wanted to do a one bag trip).

With that space taken, the front compartment can still be used for other stuff (e.g., sketchbook, face towels, cables, a book, watercolour set, medicine, charging stuff, Vicks, hand sanitizer…). Plus, I stuffed tissue packets into the open pocket, eye masks into the lower front pocket, and our travel guides (slim book plus foldout guides) into the upper front pocket.



While running through the airport, it was really useful to put on the backpack straps, which are otherwise hidden in a back pocket (I also use that pocket to keep the shoulder strap, in case I want to use it).

The beauty of this bag is that as long as you can close the bag, it will fit under the airplane seat. It should also fit within most airlines’ requirements on dimensions of cabin luggage.


The Muji microbead neck pillows are so, so good. You can use them as the usual neck pillow but because it is made with beads inside, you can adjust how the pillow sits around your neck. This is great when there are bulky head rests.

And while I use it as a neck pillow, it can also be used as a back support or a bolster. After you land, you can also use it as a little bolster, which is nice to have when you are in a totally foreign bed.

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