A Stunning Boutique Hotel: Lloyd’s Inn



It is impossible to not want to take a photo at every turn.

Lloyd’s Inn is located in a sleepy little road somewhere in between the better-known streets of Killiney Road, Oxley Road and River Valley Road. If you tried to look it up on Google Maps, you will see a run-of-the-mill lodge stuck in the 80s.

But Lloyd’s Inn has had major works done and reopened fairly recently. Siew had been plotting to book this place as a birthday surprise for me since months ago. It was booked accordingly and despite having to make a last-minute change due to some work commitment, the inn was very nice about it. Yay.

You will see from the photos below the Big Sky Room we had.


It is a very nice space to walk into. Which is quite rare for most hotels we know. Usually, the shared spaces wow but the rooms are a step down. At Lloyd’s Inn, practically all the space you run into from the entrance to the room gives you the feeling that it has been well-deliberated upon. The space and time given to design almost makes me cry. Okay, I exaggerate but it is really a good feeling.



And this outdoor bath (okay, ours has a small canopy, presumably to guard against prying eyes from the rooftop of Lloyd’s Inn) is just so sweet. The outdoor bath leads to the shower area, which is separated from the outdoors by merely a curtain. The shower area leads straight to the toilet. Sounds scandalous but you will have to see it for yourself. The design works.

There is also a loft area, which is occupied by the study table and seating.



The room has decent amenities and the newspaper comes by in the morning. The cable TV isn’t very exciting but I guess that’s not very crucial. You would probably be taking a long bath or walking around outside. The inn gives itself over to nature, in the rooms and in the pool area. You would do well to spend some time walking around the compound.



And in case you are ever lost, the ‘tree ahead’ sign is very useful.

There is a shared outdoor lounge area with lots of seats and a coffee machine. (In the late afternoon, we met an uncle in his silk pajamas who came out, unpacked his many plastic containers of food and proceeded to have what appears to be an early dinner.) We had a nice coffee time there, people watching and counting cars.


More information:
Lloyd’s Inn is at 2 Lloyd Road. Street parking is available along Lloyd Road but quite difficult to get. Park at Orchard Grand Court Hotel instead (the evening’s per entry charge kicks in at 5 pm). Somerset MRT is a 10-minute walk away. For those who love to snack, there is a NTUC Fairprice supermarket at the junction of Killiney Road and Lloyd Road.