Milo In It, Please


I don’t like Milo Dinosaur* but I always had the propensity to use Milo in ways that give people pause. I think it started in my late teens. A growing me was left to my own devices and what do I choose as my snack? Eat cereal and to make sure I don’t feel hungry too soon, thus requiring another effort at feeding myself, I would add Milo. I don’t like it undissolved, no.

It seemed perfectly normal when you are alone. And I don’t do it that often but then sometimes people chance upon me doing it.

I would add two teaspoons to a cereal drink. Someone stares. I would make a cup of Milo, wait a little while it cooled, and then pour corn flakes into it. Someone asks a question.

So in case there is some poor kid out there who (a) happens to feel misunderstood and (b) reads this blog**, here you go. And to those who wonder why you need the Milo to cool, it is so that heat does not render the cereal soggy. And to those who already know this, here’s a tip for you: add a dash of milk from the fridge to cool the drink down.

*an iced drink you get at coffee shops where a very thick version of the chocolate malt drink has additional undissolved powder slathered on top

**the chances aren’t very high, I know. But I am helpful like this.

A Simple Pleasure: Waffles


It started when Siew spotted a fresh facade on a shophouse along East Coast Road. We like cafés, and we wondered what was coming up. The sign said “simplicité café” in a cursive font.

We drive by that spot frequently. It became a habit for Siew to check on the progress of the café. Recently it was lit in the evenings we went by; we saw in 8 Days that the café was open and it offered…. waffles!

This evening, we were going to pump petrol and buy a bottle of wine for a dear friend, and decided to add a visit to simplicité café to the run.

What a happy waffle excursion.

The waffle with one scoop of ice-cream cost S$8.5. The waffle mix was a little on the salty side but that’s fine. I liked how well-cooked it was (I operate under the principle: the more burnt, the better). The pistachio ice-cream had a good nutty flavour to it.

We wiped the plate off pretty quickly.


We like how unpretentious the café is. We like how they managed to have staff who, despite being obviously new to this, work and speak to you like they care. (We probably are marvelling about nothing if you come from New York or London, but in Singapore, good service is a rarity.)

We think this is a pretty good place to try.

More information: It is located at 425 East Coast Road, opposite Penny University. Parallel parking lots are available at Telok Kurau Road or East Coast Road.

Socks: Odd Pears

I was looking for Christmas presents back in October and came upon Odd Pears.


For each set (or what they call “pear”) of socks you buy, you get three socks. Yes, three. The colours are a riot, and I love the sense of expression that you can communicate through what you wear under your shoes.

I bought many pears, mostly because they are all so lovely. Also, the international shipping fee is better shared among a few pears of socks.

If you are into it, Odd Pears run a One Pear One Dollar program, where for each pear sold, a dollar is donated to their non-profit partner, One Dollar Day.

And here’s a picture to celebrate the odd ones out. Cheers.