South East Tyre Co and 132 Mee Pok

I don’t know much about car tyres but my tyre-changing career began with a random conversation where I learnt that my friends change their tyres every two years or so. Okay. “So where do I go?”

“South East, lor.”

Recently, it was time again for the tyres to be changed. I briefly contemplated trying this other place in MacKenzie Road, because they were once kind to me when I urgently needed some patching to my tyre. But I googled South East Tyre and realized that they had a Marine Terrace address.

I wanted to try the mee pok* there.

So that was that. I called ahead to check that they have the tyres I want. Tyre changing takes about half an hour, perfect for you to have a coffee break, or in my case, a bowl of mee pok.


The mee pok stall is well-known among Singaporeans and the wait is long. This gives you time to Google and find out that if you want chilli in your noodles, you’d better tell them not too much chilli please because the default is too spicy. Also, the fishballs are not made by them because our government apparently generally only allows fishballs to be made in a factory.

The mee pok is awesome. It is S$2.5 well spent. A good bowl of noodles impresses you with its effortlessness. You can’t pin point why it is so great. But for us, mostly it’s the done-ness of the noodles and the lightness of the fishballs. And having bean sprouts strewn in? Great touch.


New tyres are nice to drive on and awesome (the best we had) mee pok just makes life that much brighter.

More information. South East Tyre Co is at Block 58 Marine Terrace. 132 Mee Pok is at Block 59 Marine Terrace. There are many provision shops and fruit shops in the vicinity.

A Windy Afternoon


Some days feel memorable, while you are in it and also after it has passed for some time. What’s so special about the mottled sky and that shade of blue? Is the sea always this colour? There goes my neck and head, inclined so that I can look at the sky properly.

That day also brought me back to the time we were in Boston visiting my sister. I asked myself, did the sky really look like that? Or was my mind on Boston anyway and any tenuous reminder would do?

And it all would not work if not for the wind. The wind was strong enough to take away the heat, and at some points strong enough to give the illusion of chill.

We were taking a break from our usual routines, cycling along the coast, and we have the sunset to look at.

That was a wonderful evening.


How To Choose A Racket


I have never bought my own badminton racket. I realised this only recently. My first racket is an all-black, dully heavy affair. On the inside of the cover, the date of purchase was written. Some day in 1991. I have no memory of making the purchase, so this does not count. It was probably bought by my parents and given to me.

My next racket was bought for me by the school coach in secondary school. It is a green ProAce WideBody 7000, which does not mean anything on the Internet now.

My next racket was bought for me in the early 2000s, by the person I was dating then. A Toalson. Something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but it has served me well.

So in 2014, Siew and I went to Queensway many, many times when we picked up badminton for recreation. We needed clothes and shoes and socks and grips at first, and then Siew wanted her own racket. I was no good at choosing rackets from stores, and so there we were, just swinging at things, hoping for the best. Some time after she found something to her liking (second purchase), Siew asked if I wanted one too, and I dithered, because what I had was fine and for recreation, it doesn’t quite matter.

But I made strange ooh ah sounds when I happen to see a Carbonex (it’s something only badminton folks born in the late 70s/ early 80s understand). And then one day, Siew made me try the racket selector on, and the result for me, for a budget below S$100, was a Carbonex something. Heehee. So I began surfing in earnest. I did the selector a few times, googled about this racket, that racket, grips, racket balance …. When I was decided, I headed back to the website and added racket, string and grip to my cart. I almost bought more than one racket.

Really, the purchase process on the website is now quite friendly and inviting. Also, just because you are buying from the official distributor for Yonex in Singapore, you can choose to have the Yonex logo spray-painted on the string. Stringing of the racket is not part of the initial price, but you can easily choose the string type and colour on the website, and when you add it all up, the price is about the same as that which you will get when you go down to Queensway Shopping Centre and try to bargain/ compare shops. And many times, the rackets there come with factory-grade string, which you will want to re-string to something with higher tension anyway.

I am also quite glad I don’t have to head to Queensway, wait for parking, navigate the mall, and deal with salesmen.

We have bought two packages from Yonex so far, and we love the speed of the delivery, and that each came neatly in a padded paper box.