Goodbye 2014 / Dinner at Pelican

How did you welcome 2015?

We decided to have a nice seafood dinner before going home for a quiet night, with some hope that we would actually be awake when it turned 12.

I had it all planned. I checked which roads were closed, I checked that the roads leading out of the car park would not be closed, and I was hoping that we could take a nice scenic walk around the dinner place after we eat.

Sigh. I didn’t know about the barricades that would be in place all around the Raffles Place / Marina Bay area to guide pedestrian traffic. And there were too many revellers camped out all around even before we got to the restaurant.


Dinner was at Pelican at One Fullerton. The food was good. It’s a 7.5/10 place. The seafood, which is what this place is lauded for, did not disappoint. The New Year’s Eve dinner menu had 10 courses and we were happy with most of them. Some were sharing plates and some were served individually. We had a nice booth seat. It was a fun dinner! Service was great too.



(The only part we didn’t quite enjoy was the desserts. They were over-thought and not a good portion. Their only selling point was that they were photogenic.)


After dinner, we did manage to take a walk. Well, slowly through a lot of people, and a longer than necessary route because of the barricades. Haha.

At home, we were in food coma, and only stirred when we heard the pop, pop of fireworks going off. We went to the window to see them.

Hello 2015.

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