Stationery Nerd Days: The Bullet Pencil ST


I backed Jeff Grant’s Bullet Pencil ST project on Kickstarter some time back. It arrived in December last year, and it felt well-made and superbly nerdy. But well, stationery has a special place in my heart.

Now there are quite a few bullet pencil makes out there today, and I am sticking to this one since it is the one I have. Haha. But while I have decided to stick with it, I thought I’d share some points that might be relevant to those who are considering a purchase.


Why this mess, right? Okay, I bought it thinking it would be wide enough to fit the Palomino Blackwing (the pencil has an eraser ferrule) but when the Bullet Pencil ST arrived, I realised the maker had only said that the Bullet Pencil ST has a holder for the Palomino eraser. So, the Palomino Blackwing would only fit the Bullet Pencil ST if one had sawn off the eraser end on the (wooden) pencil. I didn’t have a saw, so I snapped the ferrule off the pencil instead. It was surprisingly easy if you were doing it on a full-length pencil (but not the stub).

I also found that the capacitative tip did not work well on my iPhone because my iPhone had a thick protector on it. Another point is that the weight is quite in favour of the eraser end, so the sweet spot for writing is limited to rather short stubs.


But at the end of the day, if you want something to extend the life of your pencil stubs, and/or a housing so that you can carry a pencil everywhere without fear of the tip poking your pants/ pocket/ bag; and you do not mind paying quite a bit of money for it, I guess you will like a product like this.

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