1. Thanks very much for this guide…it has been really helpful!

    Unfortunately I read it at the wrong time at 11:30pm! Now I’m really hungry and weirdly feel like having an apple ring. :(

    • siew siew

      Hey R.Y,
      Oh dear, sorry about that hehe, but that apple ring is good! Now that you’ve reminded me of it, I’m wishing for one myself :)

      Just saw your Penang guide on your website. If only we have found it before we went on our trip!

  2. WhiteSky

    Hi may we know which hotels you stayed at? And every food eatery you visited was it when you were at the same hotel or you were not? Thank you if you have time to reply us. :)

    • siew siew

      Hey there, we stayed in the Shinjuku area at the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku hotel. But most of the places here are quite accessible even if you are not staying in the area. :)

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