Drawing Pieces of The UK

I am a failed urbansketcher. But I like drawing buildings, and I like making drawings of interesting buildings that I spot overseas. I take pictures of buildings I want to draw, but I sometimes miss out crucial angles and have to search on the internet, recollect, or simply, reimagine.

We were in the United Kingdom back in February, and thus far I have only managed two pieces. (I do not know when I might get to the US pieces – we were there in September 2014 – and the Tokyo trip in spring.)

Well, the first piece is of the Eilean Donan castle. The landscape of Scotland is so beautiful but I don’t have the flair for drawing landscapes. So when I saw this castle, I thought this shall be the piece I do for Scotland.

The building I saw that cloudy day was just a dull, dull brown, and while I have seen watercolour interpretations that include the use of purple, red and orange, I am more into realism.

Oh, I love the blue of the flag of Scotland, but you get the idea here. Next, is a piece of my recollections of the houses in Chelsea. I recently learnt from a TV show that Chelsea is considered to be desirable real estate, but we were there because we were going to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, and it was a beautiful, chilly day decked out in a blue sky and the rare London sun.

Walking Circles In Ebisu

That day, we were in Ebisu for coffee and ended up walking around. We found no children at the octopus playground; there was a suited man lying on cardboard, reading; there was a young man talking on the phone. It was a little cold. 

We kicked at the petals on the floor. I wondered if the child who left the toy car behind would be coming around to pick it up. 

Oh, it was a very good cup of coffee.