Durian, durian.


I never loved durian much. I remember eating one while sitting cross-legged on the living room floor of my grandmother’s house, and going away unimpressed. Sometimes, my mother brought them into the house surreptitiously. She wrapped packed durian in layers of plastic and into an airtight container, but the fridge gave her game away each time.

And being Singaporean, whether or not you eat durian is something established pretty early on with close friends. When asked, my waffly answer is taken as a no to durians. But last year, I went along when Siew asked me to go eat durian with her. Not sure why she asked. Haha.

There are a few durian places in Joo Chiat, and if you are in the area, you can try the one at Telok Kurau Road (near Lorong L), the one at 227 East Coast Road, or the one at Joo Chiat Place (where it meets Still Road). I don’t know much about durian seasons but apparently one has just started. I can’t believe that in my 30s, I am telling people that I am beginning to like durian. More durian sessions are being organised! Heehee.

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