Hello, Etna

After a particularly disappointing dinner at a new Italian joint*, we needed some affirmation and hence headed to Etna at Siglap. It has a homely feel; and we were happy to have competent, fresh Italian food.

We had a pizza, and a ravioli and thoroughly enjoyed it all. We laughed and were thankful at how the food here does not taste like it was microwaved*. We wondered if we liked this or Al Forno better. Halfway in, we also realised that Siew has begun to appreciate (a) coffee; (b) bread; and (c) cheese. And so it seems we are properly ready to plan a trip to Italy.

It was a happy meal.

On the tip of a nice friend, we ordered the tiramisu. You must have it if you are at Etna. It makes a good meal end even better.

PS. One of the waiters has an odd air about him but oh, he gets his job done.

Location: 110 Upper East Coast Road. Parking can be hard to find! Take public transport. With two mains, one dessert, and two beverages, the total bill came up to S$95.

*We are talking about the one that just opened at Suntec, and comes with a grocery section and a gelato counter. The menu looked exciting, and the branding looked well thought out. Sadly, our food tasted like it was left there and microwaved to order. We prefer if our food tasted like it was made to order. Sigh.

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