Getting Ready For Shit-hot Days

We live very near to the equator so we are used to 30-degree days. But in recent years, the heat is just getting worse. 

It is getting such that we feel like we need to brace ourselves for June – August. We actually have a list of things to do. 

  • For going out to lunch, make sure the umbrella is working; 
  • Stock up on appropriate clothing: current favourites are linen and Airism items; 
  • Stock up on popsicles: make sure there is enough to have one per person per day; 
  • Don’t be lazy about making ice! 
  • If you don’t have circulator fans, consider them; 
  • Service the air-conditioner;  and 
  • Buy fruit tea bags and make iced brews. 

Not too long or complex a list, but it helps to make a go at it and in the face of mounting heat, say to ourselves that we have done what we can, oh well, so let’s not complain anymore.