Bicky and (Unnamed) Go Riding

We have progressed from walking. Considering musculoskeletal concerns, coupled with the inability to swim, we have adopted cycling as an additional exercise form for our thirties. In badminton courts, the only green you see would be the court mat, but out in the open, the greenery and the energy of other people (when they aren’t in your way) seem to impart some vitality. We also realised that our parks are pretty nicely done up.

One route we took was from Bay East Garden (near Tanjong Rhu) to the Marina Barrage and along the Marina Bay towards Sheares Bridge. It is a route that is only about 3 km. We went in the late afternoon, and turned back in time for us to get back before it gets dark.

The other place we ride is at East Coast Park. There are long stretches for cycling on, but one has to contend with many obstacles – children, learners, couples who ride abreast (and slowly) – and also various other situations but you get a seaside view, and I like seeing big trees.

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