Bingsu Madness: A Review of Four

We can’t seem to love Korean food, so it is very strange that we would have so much love for bingsu. Siew was introduced to it by her friends, and in the next week, we ate it a few times. [On the other hand, our foray into frozen yoghurt did not last. We got sick of it on the second try.]

Having gone to four places, this is our very amateur round-up:

You would do very well with one of these:

  1. Nunsongyee at 45 Burghley Drive;
  2. Nunsaram at Orchard Central, 5th floor; and
  3. Bing Go Jung at the Old Badminton Sports Hall at Guillemard Road.

 burghley drive  
burghley drive  
Nunsongyee is in a hard to access area near Serangoon Gardens, so you will need Google Maps and an ability to look for a place while walking up- and down-hill. There is actually a bus stop right outside the building (now called Burghley Lifestyle Hub) and ample parking in the compound. Other than the injeolmi bingsu, we also had the injeolmi toast, which was simple and yet a nutty sort of heaven. (It reminds me of toast with condensed milk and milo powder.)

 orchard  central 
Nunsaram’s strong point is the shaved ice. It feels the most refined and they are very generous with the ingredients. The con is that every 25-year-old seems to be there waiting for a seat.

Bing Go Jung is more accessible to us, since we live in the east but the ice is shaven more coarsely and they give you so many rice cakes some of them are in the ice and the rice cakes become too cold/ hard. Okay, this sounds like a complaint but actually it is not, if you love rice cakes. Also, BGJ has a special powder, it seems. Siew says it tastes like the powder sprinkled on Want Want Senbei Crackers, and I don’t know, but the point is that yes, it is yummy. So, even though BGJ’s ice is (to us) just ice (as opposed to milk snow at the other places), the ice is very tasty with all that nutty powders.

Okay, this post is getting long. But before I end, we want to tell you to not bother with Omaspoon. Maybe competition is stiff, or maybe we caught them on a bad day, but if the number of rice cakes you give me I can count with one hand, I am not going to return. Especially when the rice cakes are tiny little pieces that are slightly smaller than the LEGO 1 x 1 piece. Oh my.

Onward, Singapore 

Our dear country had its general elections this Friday in September, 2015. 

It was an interesting time, the days leading up thereto. We spent time reading, discussing, deliberating.  

As it was in 2011, the first time both of us could vote for our Parliament, we had steamboat for dinner. During the time when things are at a bit of a lull (because of (re)counts not being completed and the commentators have run out of things to say), we would do the dishes and take a shower. 

This time I had a copy of the Straits Times, which had a scorecard pull-out. Very old school, very uncle but that’s what I like. I filled it up as the results were announced. 
The results were unexpected in some ways and cause for much analysis and reflection.

Now that it’s over, we can say it’s a decision we are okay with. The opposition parties really need to rethink their positions and purpose. On the other hand, as a matter of taking our country to a better place, I wonder if the grassroots structure and town council management system can be better de-politicised. 

Overall, I think our country is a good place to be, and we have much to appreciate. Now, it is for us to do better, to never have our heart in the wrong place, and for us all to live the good life a citizen of Singapore can hope for.