Hashida Garo

We are both greedy people, though only one of us loves desserts. One day, Siew was being nice and brought me to Hashida Garo. It was a new concept by the chef behind Hashida Sushi.

Hashida Garo’s name references the word gallery (“garo” in Japanese), and is a visually interesting dining space. If you have some spare change (in the range of what you would spend on a nice coffee, that is), it is worth your time to pop in and have a dessert.

As you can see from this post, we ordered four items, and I think I ate most of them. I love Japanese desserts, especially when they are like this: delicate, subtle, pleasing.

Hashida Garo is located at Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, #04-16.

Everyday Pens

I wrote a post about some ballpoint pens on my table a while back. And to date, the Jetstream remains my favourite ballpoint ink. But I go to the stationery shop too much, and I like browsing pen-related links. I fell in love with the Zebra F-701 body, and learnt that one could hack a Jetstream refill to fit the F-701. So… I read links like this one from edcforums.com and this one titled “The Epic Refill Reference Guide.

I got the Uni SXR-80 (which is used in Jetstream multi-pens, and are skinnier than those used in the usual Jetstream pens) and wasted much tape. I then bought a Zebra refill so that I can reuse the metal tube (by fitting the Jetstream refill into it), and wasted more tape. After a while, I could easily replace the refills when the ink runs out.

I love the knurled grip on the F-701 and the heft of the pen. Best of all, it is not expensive.

Other pens I currently enjoy: the Pilot G2, and the Signo 307. The former is a classic and found on many desks. The Signo 307 is an update of the 207, and while the 307 is not new, it has only recently surfaced in local shops. The ink is very smooth, and I love the bold colour (strangely so, even if we are talking about the usual black, blue and red). Recently, there was a buy-one-get-one-free promotion on the 307 at Tokyu Hands, so we bought ourselves a few more.