A Trip to Bras Basah Complex


Siew wanted to buy some grey Copic markers. I thought about the number of things I could get done there, and suggested going to Bras Basah Complex. We first went to the watch shop on the first floor to change the battery in a watch. It was done in a jiffy, and cost S$18. 



Then I went to Fook Hing and was so happy that they had the Pilot Con-50 converter (to fit the Metropolitan) and the Kaweco squeeze converter (for the Sport series). Total cost: S$16. I had been wanting to get these but I am not the kind to call a shop to check if they have something in stock. :’p 

We have the usual places to go to in this building, but this time I noticed a sign for Wahab stationers, wondered if it is new and of course followed the signs to find the shop. It is pictured in the first photo above. We didn’t buy anything; the shop seemed to serve corporate buyers. But we poked around, and loved its cleanliness and its sense of timelessness. 

The Daily Roundup: Crêpes and Galettes

Siew attended a UX course a few months back and had become more familiar with The Working Capitol. 

It is a building with many doors and sections, and within it is The Daily Roundup. They serve sweet crêpes and savoury galettes, juices and coffee/ tea. 


These French pancakes don’t enter our consciousness that often but hey Siew saw the place and was curious. The food is pretty good! The food portion was a little on the small side but we thought it was a good size for breakfast. 



They shaped the salmon like flowers. 

Service was good, and the place has nice light. We are planning to come back for the sweet pancakes. 

Location: 1 Keong Saik Road 
#01-02 The Working Capitol 

Get buses that stop along New Bridge Road or Cantonment Road; street parking along Keong Saik Road or Bukit Pasoh Road.