Ferry Boats!

We sailed from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark. Siew was planning the Scandinavian trip, and every day, the cities to go to and the route between them seem to change. But somewhere, the plan settled, and then the idea of taking an overnight cruise to get from Oslo to Copenhagen was mooted, and I said, “Okay, why not?”

Siew bought tickets from DFDS Seaways, and we took the Commodore class cabin. It costs about S$500 for the cabin, which can take two people.

The check-in process is very civilised, and there is staff on each floor when you first arrive to direct you to your room. There are many cabins on each floor! We were pleasantly surprised by the state of the room, and the water pressure in the shower is good.

Before the cruise departs, someone comes by and asks if you want to reserve a table for dinner. Which is great. We got ourselves a table at 7 Seas, which serves a buffet dinner. Before dinner, I took an anti-histamine (which apparently should relieve motion sickness), and then we set off to explore.

Dinner was awesome! I don’t do well at buffets, but this one was so good (and diverse) that I managed to enjoy myself very much. Siew went to the crustacean section countless times. I didn’t even get to the Black Forest cake because I was too full.

After dinner, we completed some gift-buying at the duty-free shop, and then watched TV to while the time away. (The coverage on American primaries was very entertaining.)

Overnight, we slept the best we had on this trip! The next morning, there was breakfast and more photo-taking. The breakfast selection was not as wide as the stupendous buffet spread, but it was a good breakfast.

I was worried that taking a cruise would not be that pleasant, but now if anyone asks me, this is a good way to get from Oslo to Copenhagen. Even though we had “sea legs” that day and the next, we enjoyed our cabin and we had fun.