Hello, Eternal Leather Goods

Looking for small leather goods to add to your life can be a tricky affair, sometimes. I would consider budget, credibility, and workmanship. But when you do find something that suits your budget and seems well-made, and does not ship from too far away, there is still the most important issue of all – aesthetics. It is not something easily described, or explained.

I have bought a few things from Eternal Leather Goods before, and I began with something small – a coin pouch, and then moved on to a belt. Recently, I renewed my search for a cover for my Hobonichi Cousin, and was also on the look-out for a leather watch band.

I eventually bought a A5 notebook cover from Eternal Leather Goods, and a one-pass slip-through watch strap. The notebook cover is meant for a stack of thinner notebooks, but it fits the Hobonichi cousin well! The watch strap is meant for a Timex Weekender; I fit it onto a Seiko 5 (SNK 803) and it looks very fine.

[Note: The A5 notebook cover comes with a elastic band to keep the book closed, but I didn’t quite like that option, and am instead using a binder clip instead.]

I truly love the items that Colin makes. Items ship quickly, and on the one occasion I had a question, Colin responded very fast.