A Drawing of A Cat and A Car 

Siew drew this. And I asked her why she did Boots grabbing a Mini. As per what appears to be the usual artist temperament, she shrugged her shoulders and said she wasn’t sure. 

I realized this is the story of Boots, the stray my sister adopted. Boots hid in the undercarriage of a friend’s car. They later heard a meow-ing from the car, and went to the workshop to haul the car up to check. There you go, a little kitten! 

Boots was then so small. She became our friend immediately. Well, I suppose she needed food but she was by our side when we weren’t feeding her. I have pictures of her pawing at me/ my magazine while I was reading. 

She is now fully grown and developed her own naughty traits. She forgets people when they haven’t seen her for a while, but she would still be kind, and would always take a rub under the chin. 

Boots is now about 6. Thank you, Boots, for always being silly, affectionate and meowing at who-knows-what. Stay this way, please! <3