We Are The Sleepyheads


We went to The Gathering just to see Belle & Sebastian. We knew they wouldn’t have much time at this gig but we miss seeing them on stage!

We got there when there was still light. The weather was awesome and we enjoyed Caribou. 10 pm rolled by and the crowd came alive when B&S emerged onstage. It was a fun sort of energy. We danced, we felt old, we sang along anyway.

Stuart mentioned that their first album came out in 1996. But it wasn’t a night to dwell on the passage of time or the fact that Stuart is in his mid-40s. We just felt thankful that we were all young enough to enjoy B&S playing live in our country and we had the energy to dance / flail about to their music.

See you soon, B&S. You made us so happy.

That Thing About A Film Camera


I start a roll, don’t finish it at one go, and then start and stop over months. I sometimes have to look very hard for a film camera; as much as I know it is secreted in some pocket or another, it is sometimes in a drawer, or well, just lying there in plain sight.

Sometimes, shots from months before have to wait for a holiday to be taken before they can see the light of day.

I recently developed several rolls, and I hence had to get a copy of Name Mangler (a file renaming app). I used to have a free copy, but I’m now all for paying for software and who knows if that old copy still works, and anyway, having more than several files to rename makes one soft. Who would have known that this app and film photography went together…


So I have a roll which started in November 2013, glanced upon December 2013, and then went straight to February 2014. And everything is not there anymore except maybe in these shots, and I don’t remember 1 December being sunny but here is proof. And looking at these pictures, which are of the Singapore Art Book Fair, I thought a thought I didn’t know I had: I hope they organise this again.




Small And Able At The Christmas Pop-Up Store


Hello. If you haven’t yet done your Christmas shopping (that’s us) and don’t yet have plans for this coming Saturday (14 December), please come to The Christmas Pop-Up Store at The Third Space! Even if you already have plans, I think you can work this into your existing itinerary.

We had such a good time at last year’s market and we’re very pleased to be part of this year’s market together with The Little Dröm Store, Greenlaundry, Gracesmiths, Green Banana etc. There is food to be had, a coffee appreciation course by The Assembly, a gift wrapping working with Nong Jia Nu as well as a book-binding workshop.

So come la.

The Christmas Pop-Up Store at The Third Space / Facebook event page
14th December 2013, Saturday from 1-9pm
18 Cross Street, China Square Central #B1-05