Happy Tiny People: A Portrait In LEGO

Happy Tiny People by HEY KUMO

Conceived as an alternative to your family photo, here’s our Happy Tiny People customised LEGO set. We first brought them out at our inaugural appearance at a market in late 2012, and it is crazy how time flies.

We think it’d be nice if you and your loved ones can come together to piece together a portrait for your home. Or it can be a toy for yourself to place on your office desk, to remind yourself of what matters the most. We like how in place of photographs, LEGO sets are more subtle in its expression, and yet, so very cute.

It all started when I wanted to make a set for my other half and I. It was a riotous set, with a motorcycle, an ostrich and a watercolour sky. Since then, we have conceptualised several sets that we thought might be relevant to other folks, but really, we mean for you to have a say in how a set should be. We will try to throw in as many extra bits for you to play with as we can, and in any case, LEGO is such that you are free to swap faces, or have another character hold that utensil. We have sets that may remind you of how you and your other half met, or which represent a snapshot of your first date. And because Christmas is coming, we have sets that comes with a Christmas twist. Small pine trees and Santa hats! Presents beneath the tree!

Come take a look at the Small And Able store where we have some of the Christmas and couple sets ready, or email us to check if we can help with a customised set.

In the meantime, here are some of the concept shots we took in 2012:

HappyTinyPeople WildFamily

HappyTinyPeople WalkingTheDog

HappyTinyPeople FatherSon

HappyTinyPeople LetsGoOut