Jiak Ber: Porridge at MacPherson Road

I don’t remember who told us about this place already. And the weather in Singapore is so hot, and porridge hardly comes up as an option… But when it does, we bring ourselves to MacPherson Road. 

We usually order four dishes but as you can see, that day, Siew was feeling hungry. 

We aren’t teochew porridge connoisseurs and we don’t go around hunting for them. We used to patronize one along East Coast Road but it closed down. I remember being brought to different ones in Joo Chiat, in Alexandra / Bukit Merah / Beo Crescent, by different people, each claiming that this is the one they love. 

I think this MacPherson one shall be mine to recommend. There is an awesome home-cooked flavour that speaks to us. I love the curry chicken, and the steamed fish. And each time we come, we take home a tub of the ikan bilis. 

This teochew porridge is located at 554 MacPherson Road. You can park at the carpark accessed via MacPherson Lane. The nearest MRT is Tai Seng station. 

In case you need a visual reference, here is a picture of the store front. 

A Drawing of A Cat and A Car 

Siew drew this. And I asked her why she did Boots grabbing a Mini. As per what appears to be the usual artist temperament, she shrugged her shoulders and said she wasn’t sure. 

I realized this is the story of Boots, the stray my sister adopted. Boots hid in the undercarriage of a friend’s car. They later heard a meow-ing from the car, and went to the workshop to haul the car up to check. There you go, a little kitten! 

Boots was then so small. She became our friend immediately. Well, I suppose she needed food but she was by our side when we weren’t feeding her. I have pictures of her pawing at me/ my magazine while I was reading. 

She is now fully grown and developed her own naughty traits. She forgets people when they haven’t seen her for a while, but she would still be kind, and would always take a rub under the chin. 

Boots is now about 6. Thank you, Boots, for always being silly, affectionate and meowing at who-knows-what. Stay this way, please! <3