Reading: Inventory Magazine


It was hard to begin picking this magazine up, seeing that it might celebrate a certain sort of consumerism. But I rid myself of this ignorance recently, when I managed to get my hands on a browsing copy at Kinokuniya Books.

I was drawn to the writing and the beautiful images set out in print. I bought a copy of issue 10, and I chose to take one with Ichiro Nakatsu on the cover. Ichiro Nakatsu is the founder of orSlow and I enjoyed reading the story of his fascination with denim. This issue also features the man behind Nieves and furniture designer, Dean Edmonds. These are the stories I liked.

On Inventory magazine’s website, I found the ethos behind the publication. It was set up to “explore the aesthetic and cultural interests of its founders” and aims to:

forgo the temporariness of trend to instead focus on the brands, designers and artists whose bodies of work reflect a commitment to quality, and a desire for innovation.

I am glad to have found a good read.

(The ads in the magazine and the Inventory store hold much temptation, but I managed to stave it off. Ha.)