Hello, Eternal Leather Goods

Looking for small leather goods to add to your life can be a tricky affair, sometimes. I would consider budget, credibility, and workmanship. But when you do find something that suits your budget and seems well-made, and does not ship from too far away, there is still the most important issue of all – aesthetics. It is not something easily described, or explained.

I have bought a few things from Eternal Leather Goods before, and I began with something small – a coin pouch, and then moved on to a belt. Recently, I renewed my search for a cover for my Hobonichi Cousin, and was also on the look-out for a leather watch band.

I eventually bought a A5 notebook cover from Eternal Leather Goods, and a one-pass slip-through watch strap. The notebook cover is meant for a stack of thinner notebooks, but it fits the Hobonichi cousin well! The watch strap is meant for a Timex Weekender; I fit it onto a Seiko 5 (SNK 803) and it looks very fine.

[Note: The A5 notebook cover comes with a elastic band to keep the book closed, but I didn’t quite like that option, and am instead using a binder clip instead.]

I truly love the items that Colin makes. Items ship quickly, and on the one occasion I had a question, Colin responded very fast.

Starting To Bake Bread


These days, the level of domesticity is pretty high.

For a time, I turned into one of those that stares silently at the supermarket’s baking shelf; collecting tools over days and weeks, while refusing to buy specialized/ expensive versions; looking too many times at the clock to see when I can get home to get some baking done. That was the initial period. I still hadn’t figured out what went wrong.

I also stalked the baking shelf at the bookstore but decided no book other than James Morton’s appealed to me. Now, I did get something wrong (overdoing the folding before resting when I only needed to do it no more than 10 times) so I can’t say it is truly and devastatingly clear but I really like how approachable James Morton had made baking bread out to be.

(I actually saw his book months ago but only bought it after we had finished moving homes. So happy that I could still find it even though I didn’t write the name down!)

I am now better at baking some edible loaves, and I can’t quite stand Gardenia bread anymore (!). I find myself missing a piece of my home-baked bread; I give names to each type of loaf I baked. So far I have Pong Pong (meaning bloated; for the round ones) and Tin Boy (those that come out from rectangular tins).


Christmas Ding-A-Dong-Dong-Ding

We went on a walk in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood. Halfway through, Sarah reminded me that I wanted twigs/branches for a spot of yet-to-be-decided DIY. The thing is when you go looking for something in particular, this something will always find a way to elude you. Thus, we found one when we weren’t looking and when it was planning to trip us.

We are going to use it to display some new HEY KUMO products but in the meantime, this branch has been transformed into a hanging décor for some ceramic pendants I made (for some unspecified purpose, as it is with a lot of things I make).

Christmas Décor DIY

Christmas Décor DIY

Christmas Décor DIY

Christmas Décor DIY

I knew there was a point to having plenty of twine around. And in other Christmas décor news, the shop display window is now season-appropriate!