A Trip to Bras Basah Complex


Siew wanted to buy some grey Copic markers. I thought about the number of things I could get done there, and suggested going to Bras Basah Complex. We first went to the watch shop on the first floor to change the battery in a watch. It was done in a jiffy, and cost S$18. 



Then I went to Fook Hing and was so happy that they had the Pilot Con-50 converter (to fit the Metropolitan) and the Kaweco squeeze converter (for the Sport series). Total cost: S$16. I had been wanting to get these but I am not the kind to call a shop to check if they have something in stock. :’p 

We have the usual places to go to in this building, but this time I noticed a sign for Wahab stationers, wondered if it is new and of course followed the signs to find the shop. It is pictured in the first photo above. We didn’t buy anything; the shop seemed to serve corporate buyers. But we poked around, and loved its cleanliness and its sense of timelessness. 

Bicky and (Unnamed) Go Riding

We have progressed from walking. Considering musculoskeletal concerns, coupled with the inability to swim, we have adopted cycling as an additional exercise form for our thirties. In badminton courts, the only green you see would be the court mat, but out in the open, the greenery and the energy of other people (when they aren’t in your way) seem to impart some vitality. We also realised that our parks are pretty nicely done up.

One route we took was from Bay East Garden (near Tanjong Rhu) to the Marina Barrage and along the Marina Bay towards Sheares Bridge. It is a route that is only about 3 km. We went in the late afternoon, and turned back in time for us to get back before it gets dark.

The other place we ride is at East Coast Park. There are long stretches for cycling on, but one has to contend with many obstacles – children, learners, couples who ride abreast (and slowly) – and also various other situations but you get a seaside view, and I like seeing big trees.

A Walk In Bedok Reservoir Park

Okay, we ran a little too.

Life is cute. I was reading a forum letter to the Straits Times, and the writer wrote about how Pandan Reservoir can be better done up as a space for the residents’ use. The writer compared it to the much better situation at Seletar, Bedok, and Lower Pierce. So that reminded me that we haven’t been to Bedok Reservoir Park, even though it’s quite near us. 

So one day, I said let’s go in the morning before we meet our friends for lunch. We spent 1 hour 15 minutes to walk the full round, which didn’t feel like what it was because it was pretty breezy that morning. It was only towards the last third of our walk that the sun came out. But that gave us prettier pictures! 

We bought waterproof pouches for our phones. With the neck strap, you can hook on house keys. I am not really sure if the pouches are waterproof but I just wanted some protection in case it suddenly rains, as our skies are apt to do. Also, the phone is protected from our sweaty hands. Heehee. 

I really like the park and the large trees please me so. Also, there are benches here and there, and shade from the trees along most of the route. It really is worlds apart from Pandan Reservoir. 
More information: There are various pedestrian entry points along Bedok Reservoir Road (as part of the Siglap Park Connector) and the car park entrance is along that road too. There is another parking area near Tampines Avenue 10.