Brunch at Pacamara

Saturday mornings feel full of promise. And it feels especially pleasant when you decide that you would go for brunch, but instead of making a booking, you decide to wake up early instead. We got to Pacamara early enough, and took one of the few remaining seats.

We have been hearing good things of this place, and it is great to finally sit down and enjoy this wonderful little cafe. We took a while to choose what to eat. The menu sparked a little discussion on what would be the three brunch items our ideal cafe should serve.

I had the Spanish eggs (S$16.9), while Siew had the Crab Benedict (S$19.9). The food was good, and the portion just right for us. Maybe bigger eaters would need more sustenance. Our coffee came after our food, which makes great sense! It is always annoying to have your coffee arrive shortly before your food, or while you are eating.

This is a cafe that satisfies. The food, drink, service, and ambience should meet most expectations.

More information: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is at 185 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574333. Parking can be had, via Jalan Pelatina, along Upper Thomson Road or Taman Permata.

Every Chinese New Year: Nian Gao, Please

Last week, my mum said you know Chinese New Year is coming, when the wind rushes down and about the block’s corridor. She said my late dad told her that. I look around the flat and take in the memories, timelessness, and the age of the place. I associate CNY with nian gao, and remember that I took some photos of my mother making fried nian gao last year. I think I wanted some photos for memory’s sake. 

I found them, and thought they were so precious. My mother will no doubt make them again this year, but I remember her posing for me, she smiling at the silliness of it all, and she very earnestly asking me whether I want a shot of this or that stage. 

They look so bashed up but its irresistible sweetness and the love that went into them make them the prettiest food.