HEY KUMO’s Everyday Coasters

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters

We have many cups and perhaps that’s why we thought of designing coasters.


Coasters are an everyday item and most don’t think much of them. But we are partial to wood, and think a nice coaster can add to the character and feel of a home. We rounded up some items that remind us of a good day, which may or may not be part of the same day. A popsicle, toasted bread and of course, our favourite thing in the sky: a rain cloud.

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters - Popsicle

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters - Bread

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters - Cloud

Dimensions wise, they are 0.5 cm thick. The three Everyday Coasters are approximately:
– 9 cm wide and 12 cm long for the popsicle;
– 10 cm wide and 10.5 cm long for the toast; and
– 14 cm wide and 9 cm long for the cloud.

The coasters were sanded and stained with a water-resistant coat. As they are made of wood, there might be minor imperfections on the pieces; the colour can change after contact with water. On the underside, there is our HEY KUMO cloud.

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters - Coasters

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters - Cloud + Bread

HEY KUMO's Everyday Coasters - Birds

We’ll be bringing our coasters to the Christmas Pop Up Store this coming Saturday 15 December 2012, and they are also available at our online shop Small And Able (previously Jotter Jotter). Each coaster will retail at S$15, but we will be having a special introductory 10% discount at the stall this Saturday.

Update: Thanks for the support at the market last Saturday! The Bread and Cloud coasters are currently sold out. They will be available again at the end of the year / early January 2013. Please follow us on Twitter @heykumo for more updates.