This is HEY KUMO, a studio that came to life in 2012.

We were young once, and held jobs, wondering what version of the Singaporean dream suited us. This collaboration is the inevitable conclusion, because side projects and daydreams have always held more promise to us than being employed. That said, do not mistake us for foolhardy thirty-somethings; we are mostly rational.

We write, eat good food, sew things, make things, sell things, daydream, come up with horribly long travel guides, take photos, take many photos, and in general, make our way toward happy days.

We mostly blog about food, art & design, and travelling; we philosophise sometimes. We also like good magazines, stationery, music, clouds, books, and cosy little cafés. We don’t really fancy nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia.

We hope you find something useful here. In any event, join us for a moment’s rest.

– Siew & Sarah

PS. If you need to contact us, please find us at heykumo at gmail.com.

PSS. Siew is (also) available for freelance design work.

Please note that otherwise specified, all images and text are copyright HEY KUMO. It’s not nice to take without permission.